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Established in 2008, the Stepping Stones to Enhanced Leadership program features a cohort-based program comprising nine modules, each lasting four hours, accredited by HRCI/SHRM to offer up to 36 hours of recertification credit. This program stands out for its creativity and innovation, tailored to address the evolving professional growth needs of HR practitioners.

Participants in the program include both members and non-members of Austin SHRM and aims to facilitate recertification opportunities, foster a new generation of leadership for Austin SHRM's Board of Directors, and support organizational objectives related to enhancing employee engagement, retention, and professional development.

2024 Dates & Course Overview

Module 1 – March 21 – DiSC: Self-Awareness 
Participants are introduced to the DiSC learning model and the four basic styles of management then read, discuss, and reflect on their management styles. Participants also explore how they tend to manage time, decision making, and problem solving and learn how to recognize others’ DiSC styles through group activities. DiSC assessment administered.

Module 2 – April 18 – DiSC: Building Collaborative Teams
Participants explore their perspectives on five key management activities: Directing, Delegating, Motivating, Developing, and Influencing Others. They do this by reading about and discussing their strengths and challenges in each of those areas. This course is proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in an assigned or perceived management role--whether managing direct reports or managing relationships within cross-functional networks. DiSC assessment utilized.

Module 3 – May 16 – Navigate Team Dynamics using Emotional Intelligence
Teaches participants to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly. By combining the personalized insights of DiSC with active emotional intelligence development, participants discover an agile approach to workplace interactions, empowering them to meet the demands of any situation.

Module 4 – June 20 – Strategic Positioner
The objective of this workshop is to learn what it means to be a “Strategic Positioner,” giving guidance on how effective HR professionals turn insights on external demands and expectations into innovative and aligned HR practices that drive organizational development.

Module 5 – July 18 – Credible Activist
This workshop gives HR professionals an understanding of the role of the “credible activisit” and how to build credibility through results, relationships of trust, and growing the self-awareness to know when, how, and with whom to act.

Module 6 – August 15 – Capability Builder
This session is intended to discuss the role of the “Capability Builder,” who defines, audits, and invests in the organization’s capacity to do what it needs to do in its current environment.  As HR capability builders, HR professionals will see how the whole is greater than the parts and establish organizational identities that outlive any individual leader.

Module 7 – September 19 – Change Champion
The objective of this workshop is to learn what tools are necessary to initiate and sustain long-term change as a “Change Champion”.

Module 8 – October 17 – HR Innovator and Integrator
The objective of this workshop is to learn how an effective “HR Innovator and Integrator” converts HR initiatives into impactful, aligned, and sustainable processes. 

Module 9 – November 21  Technology Proponent
The objective of this workshop is to examine the competency of technology proponent, a new insight focusing on how strong HR professionals use information and new ways of compilation to address both administrative and strategic requirements.

Program Completion Recognition: December 2024

Details (time & location): 
8:00 am - 12:00pm
Virtual class

Programs similar to Austin SHRM's SHRM Pinnacle Award winning leadership development course cost approximately $4,500/person. 

However, Austin SHRM members are offered the course at the discounted rate of $450 per person. Non-Austin SHRM participants may participate in the program for $525 per person. 

Payment plans are available.  Interest can be selected during registration. Final payment must be paid in full by Friday, March 15, 2024.

Click HERE to register.

What are participants saying about Stepping Stones to Enhanced Leadership?

  • "Through the Austin SHRM Stepping Stones Leadership Program, I received a much needed reminder on the of the art of inspiring, guiding, and shaping the future of HR in my workplace and specifically on my wonderful team. It allowed me the opportunity to learn a bit more about myself, things I do well and things I can focus on.  It reinvigorated my commitment to nurturing a thriving, people-centric, inclusive culture. I am thankful I was able to meet so many HR peers in the Austin area, hear their diverse perspectives, and even discuss similar obstacles we face as HR professionals. The instructors were all amazing, kind, committed and very knowledgeable. They tailored their teachings to focus on areas of interest as well as ensure they answered our questions. It was a great program, and I would highly recommend.  Thank you, Austin SHRM, for continuing to invest in the HR leaders of today and those to come."
    - Nancy Guzman, 2023 Stepping Stones Graduate

  • "My participation in the Stepping Stones program was an organized avenue to self-reflect and share experiences among human resources professionals to promote critical thinking and enhance relevant, timely knowledge.”
    - Aaron Sheppard, 2023 Stepping Stones Graudate

2022 Stepping Stones to Enhanced Leadership graduates
9 of our 20 graduates were in attendance at our December meeting.

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