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Promotional E-blast

$500 per E-blast

Austin SHRM will send your advertising/marketing message to a distribution list of 3,400+ addresses! E-blasts are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to space availability. Austin SHRM will make every effort to send your message on the Tuesday of the week you have selected, based on availability.

E-blast requests should be submitted two weeks prior to the requested distribution date. Scheduling is limited to only one sponsor paid e-blast per week. Invoice for payment will be sent within 2 business days upon review & approval.  Payment must be made prior to the scheduled date of distribution.

Please be aware that Austin SHRM reserves the right to decline an e-blast request should the event date occur if the content of the submission competes with an upcoming Austin SHRM event.

We will provide you with a test of your e-blast prior to distribution.  Your e-blast copy will be sent as presented. Austin SHRM does not provide any design or editing. E-blast content can be submitted as a JPEG / PNG or as a combination of image and verbiage.

E-blast Request Form

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