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Austin SHRM wants to wish you all a great New year as it is a fresh start to new beginnings!

Allow this new year to bring you more opportunities for a more productive, energizing and positive HR life within your workforce. Please have a beautiful new year! 

We find quotes are always a great way to bring positivity into your HR Life! Here are some motivational HR quotes that we found helpful in setting up your new year.

  • Train people well enough they can leave. Treat them well enough so they do not want to leave. ~Sir RIchard Branson
  • Every problem is a gift - without problems we will not grow. ~Tony Robbins
  • The way to get started is to quit talking about it and begin doing it. ~Walt Disney
  • Success is a journey, not a destination. ~Unknown
  • You can not mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best. ~Steve Jobs


The purpose of sharing these quotes is to provide motivation to assist you in re-energizing your HR lives…. May you have a great 2023!


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