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Global Diversity Awareness Month

Happy Global Diversity Awareness Month! ‘Global diversity’ refers to the unique differences among people of different cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities. When we appreciate and celebrate global diversity, more inclusive practices will be adopted around the world.

This October, join us in recognizing diversity's positive impacts on society, communities, and the workplace.

Three ways we are made better because of global diversity:

1. It prepares you to work in an increasingly global world.
Technology has increased interdependence and connectedness across the globe. As a result, the ability to cohesively work with people across diverse backgrounds is important to succeed in today’s workplace.

2. It makes you more knowledgeable.
Research has shown that people learn more from those who are different from them, versus those who are more similar to them.

3. It enhances your self-awareness, a key component of emotional intelligence.
Learning different opinions, ideas, and cultures expands your mind, and allows you to compare and reflect on how your life experiences differed from others.

Resources: - Global Diversity Awareness Month

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