Q1 Volunteer

The AHRMA Mentor Committee collaborated with mentors/mentees, AHRMA members, and the Board to ensure continuous improvement and expansion of the program.  With the program’s rapid growth, continual feedback helped to confirm that the program was providing quality outcomes for members.   A key committee focus was to continue to automate the process to better scale while allowing the unique flexibility of the program to shine through.

The Mentoring Committee is dedicated to continuous improvement for each new session of the program. This program is established with automated, repeatable, and scalable forms and processes which will allow other chapters to easily replicate and implement.

Q2 Volunteer

"Leah went above and beyond carrying two big projects: Speakers and Program, for the SOLD OUT annual conference in July!" - Tami Andres, VP of Conference

From Leah: "I know I've said it before but I can't believe we did it!  In the sense that it was such a whirlwind, nose to the grind experience then Boom, We did it! It was so neat how everybody did their part. Great collaborative effort."

Q3 Volunteer

"Laurie has done an outstanding job as the Co-Chairman for the Mentoring Program and her leadership has been key in the continued growth and success of this awesome program.  She volunteered and stepped up to lead the team  on the SHRM Pinnacle Award submission for AHRMA.  Laurie’s amazing contributions and her leadership continue to bring value to our AHRMA membership." - Darlene Templeton, Co-VP of Career Development.

From Laurie: "I am so proud of the Mentor Committee and all of the amazing AHRMA members that participate in this great program.  It is a pleasure working on this project and with the team!"

Q4 Volunteer

Become a VOLUNTEER Today!

Did you know?

Outside of our Association Management company, AHRMA is run and supported 100% by "Volunteers" who contribute their time, energy, and skills to the organization and to promoting the Human Resources profession.

That is why, in all capacities, whether small or large, we VALUE and APPRECIATE each Volunteer!

We have Volunteer opportunities to fit your goals of engagement.
Whether you have one hour or many hours to contribute, we have opportunities of all kinds, and we have FUN!

How to Volunteer

If you are an AHRMA member, take a glance at our AHRMA Committee pages. 
Our VP's are always looking for individuals interested in serving in various capacities.  Send them an email or give them a call.  

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