Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides oversight for all technology of AHRMA’s communication venues including the website, professional and social forums, newsletter, social networking sites and eblasts/marketing communications.

Our Purpose

  • Create, organize and present relevant and concise information to AHRMA members for the purpose of educating and advancing the Human Resource professional while leveraging technologies to communicate with AHRMA stakeholders in an innovative and practical way.
  • Provide AHRMA stakeholders with timely information by leveraging new technologies to provide the most current updates, information and happenings.
  • Establish forward thinking technology solutions for the benefit of AHRMA Members.

Technology Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Professional & Social Forum Editors - This exciting new role is responsible for contributing, editing, and approving content for the “Member’s Only” exchange.
  • E-blasts - Special emails sent to AHRMA members to promote internal and external special events and other Human Resource related opportunities.
  • AHRMA Reporters - Liaison with an existing committee to gather the exciting news and HR updates.  Great remote Volunteer opportunity!
  • Creative Editors - Love to create graphics? This is the role that interacts with every committee in AHRMA in various lengths. Will assist in creative content in mediums of your choice.
  • AHRMA Website - Assist with website updates under the direction of Technology VP
  • AHRMA Webinars and Podcasts Develop and create a program of special videocast webinars and podcasts on a variety of HR related topics available for viewing by AHRMA members via the Member Portal.
  • Remote Opportunities - Our Committee meets monthly via conference call or in person as needed. Technology moves AHRMA!

Organize the dissemination of timely, relevant, and reliable information through the use of Multi-Media (Intranet, Webinars, Photo Gallery, Email Events of Interest, eBlasts, and Community Forum).

Ensure the distribution of high quality information using current technologies for optimizing outcomes in collaboration with other AHRMA committees, members, and partners. This will involve assessing current and future technologies for external and internal web management.

Provide communication sources for AHRMA Executive Committee members to effectively manage and share information related to AHRMA such as the Intranet and email.


Meet our Vice President of the AHRMA Technology Committee!

Shirelle Zachery

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