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FRIDAY, November 14th at the Hilton Downtown

This SPECIAL LUNCHEON SESSION has been added to our monthly AHRMA meetings and will give you the opportunity to join us for an extremely valuable panel discussion and last chance to find out what’s happening with ACA:



Here, at this lunch, you will be provided the opportunity to hear from our leading expert panelists and learn their easy tips and strategies on how not to get bogged down by the new compliance. At this session, we will be asking and answering the important questions that can keep HR up at night….and here is a sneak preview of some of the questions:

  • Many questions remain regarding whether or not organizations have the right processes and technology in place to comply with the ACA. 
  • Most importantly, they are asking, "Are we certain we are in compliance with all regulations?"  Incorrectly assessing eligibility based on hours, leave, the various measurement period and disparate data systems can all contribute to this uncertainty

Some of the benefits from this discussion:

  • Understand different approaches to the tactical and strategic planning process and determine when is the best approach to use and why for your organization.
  • Lead the way for creating change by understanding how to identify process improvement suggestions and opportunities throughout the compliance cycle to save you and your organization time and money.

This is Luncheon Session not be missed!


AHRMA is pleased to introduce our nominees for 2015 Board of Directors. AHRMA members will vote on this slate of proposed officers at our Friday, November 14, lunch meeting at the Austin Hilton. Please review the bios for each of our nominees so that you are prepared to participate in the member vote.  
President Elect
Justin Sharp (Current VP Membership)
Co-VP Membership
Wendy Chance (Current VP Marketing & PR)
Elisabeth (Lisa) Blanton
Co-VPs Career Development (2 positions)
Juanita Baldwin (Past President)
Kristin Huber (former VP Workforce Readiness)
Co-VP Conference
Carroll Menasco (Current VP Career Development)
VP Diversity and Inclusion
Irma Martinez (Current VP Career Development)
Co-VP Legal & Legislative
Angie Marshall
Co-VP Marketing and PR
Arlaine Decrevel
Co-VP Technology
Stephanie Orr
Additional information related to our November 14th meeting will be posted soon. 

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Pricing Critical Skills and Unique Positions (Competitive Market Pay)

November 13, 2014

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Compensation professionals around the world are trying to manipulate a tried and true process to fit unique jobs. WorldatWork can now provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to eliminate this daunting task. Gain a competitive advantage today as you learn how to use strategic market pricing to attract and retain key talent for your critical skills and unique job positions.

  • Discover the value of strategic market pricing to attract and retain key talent
  • Find out how to distinguish between data and intelligence
  • Learn how to assess data history and use surveys strategically
  • Gain an understanding of critical skills and how to assess them
  • Explore advanced market pricing methods including aligning criticality and competency, blending jobs, weighting jobs, competing for talent, and resolving discrepancies.


Central Texas Compensation and Benefits Association

Educational Luncheon Program

Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 11:30 am-1 pm

Location:  Crowne Plaza Hotel (IH 35 and US 290E - Austin)

Topic: Power & Likeability - Balancing the Two Keys to Being Persuasive

In business, we are all called upon to influence peers, clients, and vendors without the benefit of having any formal power over them. How can you entice others to accept your ideas and proposals?  How can you swing group opinion your way? What could be standing in your way to becoming more persuasive?

Research in organizational communication points to two personal characteristics that are essential to gaining compliance from others: Personal power and likeability. Being persuasive is more likely when you have high levels of both.

Power: this is the idea of authority. People who have power have it because of their title, position, or status (formal power). They also can obtain power informally: through resource control, knowledge, by having a scarce skill, and by being less interested than the other party.

Likeability: this is the concept of warmth. "People don't care what you know until they know that you care," is what pastor Dan Brenton always said.  When you are likeable, people open up to your persuasive efforts. They accept your assertions. They are more likely to reciprocate your good will toward them and trust you.

This presentation explores the two concepts of power and likeability as they relate to public and 1:1 communication. It is presented in a dynamic way, using video, business-appropriate humor, and examples from the media.

The presentation seeks to break down the mystique of persuasion into actionable parts, allowing audience members to self-diagnose and apply strategies to improve their own images.


After this presentation, participants will be able to:

1.    Define the concepts of perceived informal power and likeability.

2.    Explain why a balance of these two traits is usually necessary to be persuasive.

3.    List ways (s)he can increase his or her perceived levels of power and likeability.

4.    See live demonstrations of 2-3 participants getting coached and changing their communication tactics to be more successful.

SPEAKER:  Cynthia Oelkers - MFA Interpersonal Communication, BS Organizational Communication

Since 1989, Cynthia has coached over 800 executives and has been involved with employee development, training, recruiting, customer service and sales for MCI Business Markets and Dell. After her experience helping customers integrate Dell's online suite of B2B products into their processes, Cynthia became a professional speaker for Dell, Inc. She spoke to CEO/CIO/CTOs from Fortune 500 companies like: Pitney Bowes, Honeywell, Perot Systems, Sony, Enron, Microsoft, GE Capital, First Data Corp. on "How Dell Drove Their Business to E."

She combines her work as an improvisational comedian, researcher, and business woman to create unique workshop experiences that are insightful, relevant and fun. Cynthia holds a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication from U.T. where she researched sales anxiety and persuasion.  She has also taught communication at St. Edward's and Letourneau Universities.


CTCBA, AHRMA, WCHRMA Members - $30

Non-Members - $35

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